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My name is Rod Kendall and I have been a artist for the past 28 years. I live in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest on ten acres of beautiful forest land. I built two log homes; one for my family, wife and kids and the other for my 87 year old mother. The latter of which also houses my studio space on the lower level. As an artist I’ve made everything from sinks and tile to jewelry and musical instruments. I came to making funerary urns after running across an article about Maureen Lomacee. From a gallery called Funeria. I was moved by the story of how everyday she would rotate a vessel that was sitting by the window. The vessel turned out to contain the ashes of her departed mother. Having recently lost my father I was taken with the idea of that daily interaction and continued relationship.


ascent remembranceVisiting the cemetery every once in a while just didn’t have that same feel. At the same time, I was working on a layer technique inspired by Damascus steel and Mokumé Gane and patterned welding. I had adapted this process to work with my materials and had used it on a small scale on some of the musical instruments that I was making at the time. Funeria’s call for entry on their Art to Ashes 5th Biannual International Exhibition gave me the opportunity to make larger vessels using this new technique. Because of the complexity and time consuming nature of my work, funerary urns seemed to be a perfect fit, an object to hold such precious contents and help honor and memorialize that person’s life. Definitely a higher use and worth the effort. At Rod Kendall Studios my goal is to provide you exquisite handcrafted funerary urns. My artistic designs are cast in the Pacific Northwest by some of the best foundry men in the industry.

At Rod Kendall Studios we are dedicated to providing you with exquisite handcrafted urns that will stand the test of time; not only in materials and craftsmanship but in artistic design. Inspired by the ancient layering techniques of Damascus steel and Mokumé Gane, my urns demonstrate a unique style reminiscent of weathered ocean rock formations sculpted by the ocean one wave at a time or the exotic wood grains of a Briscone pine sculpted by centuries of arduous growing conditions. A process that focuses on attention to detail assures you of an urn that will stand the test of time and be a fitting memorial or tribute to your loved one.
Helping you to… Honor the life – Cherish the Memory

Rod Kendall Studios

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