River Dreams Cremation Jewelry

Scott Sherwood, creator of River Dreams cremation jewelry, talks about his unique creations:

“It was always my dream to create my own woodworking studio. Two years ago I took my first step toward realizing that dream by purchasing my first wood lathe at the Washington State Fair. I learned wood working techniques from local wood workers. It has been a wonderful two year adventure from creating my first pen to designing and creating individually hand crafted memorial keepsakes.

pendants“Each hand made pendant starts its journey as a block of wood which is hand cut to size, drilled, fitted with a sandblasted brass barrel which is glued in place. Twenty four hours later once the glue has dried, the pendant is ready to be hand cut on the lathe. Pendant shapes are created by combining beads and coves. Once each pendant is lathed it is sanded fourteen times with increasingly finer grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth glossy finish.

“I named my business River Dreams because it is a name that embodies both images of peace and images of passion. I am passionate about creating fine pieces of art. The common thread is that everyone has that place, pursuit and passion that brings them peace.

scott6“It is a gift to find something that allows you to immerse yourself in the moment, where cell phones and headaches of the day don’t intrude. I lose myself in the creation and rhythm of my art. Much like being in a river when you let the river speak to you, you lose yourself in the rhythm of the flowing water. When I work in my shop it feels to me like being in a gentle flowing river. I get lost in the process of creating and let the wood speak to me. Each pendant is one of a kind. I never know what a pendant will look like until all the processes have been completed. When the lathe stops the miracle of another beautiful pendant is revealed with its unique colorations, grain patterns and shape.

“It is an honor to have my art chosen for such a special resting place. My hope is that my art will bring some degree of comfort to those left behind.

“Thank you for choosing my artwork.”

Scott Sherwood