Pre-planning Options

Pre-planning arrangements can be done at home or in our offices.

Pre-planning arrangements can be done at home or in our offices.

Many people choose to plan their cremation, burial or above ground mausoleum arrangements in advance. Preplanning, or pre-arrangement, allows YOU to determine how your final arrangements will be carried out, thus reducing family concerns and stress in the future. Not only will pre-planning your own service assist your family, it will guarantee that all of your wishes be granted as well. When you preplan, you have as much time as you need to make well-informed decisions and talk about these decisions with your family. In addition, preplanning can offer valuable financial benefits.

When you pre-arrange for yourself, you’ll personally choose the service options most desirable to you. At your request, one of our trained counselors will be happy to visit your home to discuss your pre-planning options. You can also stop by our facilities at anytime. Together, we’ll determine your specific needs, discuss your service and funding options, and handle the necessary paperwork.

Visit our online pre-planning guide to get started.

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