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Todos Los Santos

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

A Philippine Faith Tradition to Remember the Departed

Evergreen Washelli in cooperation with the International Drop-In Center (IDIC) and Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) presents Todos Los Santos, A Philippine Faith Tradition to Remember the Departed.

For the sixth time in our local community’s faith experience, a cherished Philippine faith tradition will be observed at the Evergreen Washelli Chapel on Sunday, October 28th, 2012.

A special interactive interfaith ceremony will be conducted where guests have an opportunity to light candles and present floral offerings to their beloved departed. A Merienda Cena follows.

2:30pm—5:30pm on Sunday, October 28th, 2012.



Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home

11111 Aurora Avenue North

Seattle, WA 98133

Call Rose Quitevis if you have any questions or need directions:

(206) 834-1909

(206) 225-6606


Evergreen Washelli Hosts Todos los Santos

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Please join us on October 30th

Now on its fifth year

The annual observance in Washington State of one of the most significant Philippine faith traditions is slated to take place on Sunday, October 30, at the Chapel of Evergreen Washelli on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle, the event’s main venue ever since it was launched in November of 2007.  As principal sponsor, Evergreen Washelli once again affirms its commitment as the traditional, historic and esteemed resting place of families in the Emerald City and its environs.

In the Philippines, remembering the beloved departed each year on the eve and on the first day of November is a generations-old cherished practice as whole families trek to memorial parks and cemeteries to honor the dead. This holiday is called All Souls’ Day or Todos los Santos, an important day for Christian Filipinos. A unique mixture of festivity and solemnity surrounds the observance of this holiday all over the archipelago.

In the U.S., not many Filipino communities have the opportunity to observe Todos los Santos because there is often a lack of a fitting venue. Only rosary sessions to observe the holiday are held mostly in churches initiated by Filipino expatriate parishioners. For the fifth consecutive year in Seattle’s local Filipino-American community, the popular memorial services organization Evergreen-Washelli will again provide the venue and host the proceedings for what has developed into a yearly congregation of the faithful.

In close collaboration and planning with the International Drop-In Center (IDIC) and special participation by the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS), the management of Evergreen-Washelli will again host the event   on the afternoon of Sunday, October 30, beginning at 2:30 PM at its Main Chapel on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. A special interfaith ceremony will include the participation of family groups who will have an opportunity to light candles and offer flowers to departed loved ones—whether their final resting places are in the U.S. or in the Philippines.

“We invite everyone who wants to pay tribute to their departed loved ones to join our yearly observance of Todos los Santos,” Ms. Rose Quitevis, Evergreen Washelli’s Filipina Community Outreach Coordinator said. She explained that after five years, the observance “has grown into an institutional event that we Filipinos in the Puget Sound area look forward to.”

“It is an honor and a distinct pleasure for Evergreen Washelli to host such an important Christian holiday for all our friends and clients in the Filipino-American community,” Evergreen Washelli’s Cultural Sectors Division Manager Steve Hopkins added.

Community leaders and advocates have been invited to join the management of Evergreen Washelli to be part of solemn ceremonies that will be highlighted with musical numbers by selected performers as in previous years.

The late afternoon event is capped by a traditional Merienda Cena catered by Letty and Anthony Milanes.