Welcoming May

The month of May is significant for many reasons. It is the month when we celebrate mothers (May 14), remember missing children (May 25), even celebrate Coquille St. Jacques (May 16).  Here at Evergreen Washelli, May is the busiest month of the year, because this is the month we dedicate to honoring the men and women who have served our country.

May 10: Remembering Big Jake. We will unveil a new, permanent grave marker for Iceland-born Jakob Bjarnasson. “Big Jake” came to the Pacific Northwest and dedicated his life and energy to the people of Ballard and Seattle as a peace officer. When he died of heart failure, his grave was left without a permanent stone. Now, to mark his 143rd birthday, Jakob will receive the honors he is due.  This service will take place in Evergreen Memorial Park, Section 2, at 11:00AM.

Saturday, May 14: Roses for Veterans.  Members of the Navy ROTC from University of Washington will place more than 1,200 roses on the graves within Washelli Veterans Cemetery. These roses are a gift to us, having been the stage decoration from the Ten Grands Concert at Benaroya Hall the previous evening. This event begins at 10:00AM and is open to the public. 

Monday, May 29th:  Memorial Day. The day begins at 7:00AM, when volunteers meet up in the Veterans Cemetery for flag placement. This is an opportunity for families, friends, scouts and other groups to come together and honor the men and women who have served. We can always use more hands; if you would like to help, we would love to have you.

There will be a concert at 1:30 PM, featuring patriotic music.

The Service of Remembrance begins at 2:00 PM. This year our featured speaker will be Colonel Brad Klippert. Colonel Klippert serves as the Commander of the Washington State Guard as well as holding a seat in the Washington House of Representatives.

Following the Memorial Day Commemorative Service, we invite you to attend a guided tour of the Veterans Memorial Cemetery and learn about the remarkable lives of the Medal of Honor recipients in our care. We are honored to be the final resting place for: Lewis Albanese, Orville Emil Bloch, Harry Delmar Fadden, Emil Fredreksen, William C. Horton, Ronald Leisy and William Kenzo Nakamura. Beginning at the Doughboy Statue in the Veterans Cemetery, the tour will commence at 3:15 PM, and your guide will be David Bloch, son of  Medal of Honor recipient Orville Emil Bloch.

These special events mean a great deal to those who participate and to us at Evergreen Washelli. They are all open to the public; please join us!  It won’t be the same, without you!

~~Mary Gibbons

For more information, or to volunteer your time, email bspicer@washelli.com or phone us at (206) 362-5200.

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