Lloyd Mills Signature Urn Collection

Featured Northwest Woodworker and Lathe Artist

Handcrafted one-of-a-kind creations, hewn from wood both indigenous and exotic.

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Canary Wood Urn Walnut Wood Urn Monkey Wood Urn Amarailla Wood Urn Quilted Maple Wood Urn

During the initial process, hundreds of small segments of wood are cut at an angle with meticulours precision and then carefully glued together into rings of different diameters.

Each individual ring is then "faced-off" on a wood lathe to ensure a smooth surface prior to adhering them into stacks. The stack is then mounted onto the lathe where the shaping and sanding of the urn is accomplished.

In the final steps, both the inside and outside of the urn is finished by applying a heated wax. This is done by running the lathe at a high speed and applying substantialpressure with a clothe, forcing the wax to penetrate into the wood, thus sealing it.

Each urn is unique and one of a kind, please contract our funeral professional to discuss our current availability or to create our custom order today.

A Word from the Artist

Musings of a woodworker:

My love and passion for working with wood, was inherited from my father who was a very talented and innovative carpenter. To this day, I can still see him cutting, sculpting and fitting wood pieces from different boards, gluing them together to make various designs.

In 1968, a life-long friend of mine asked me to make an urn for an acquaintance of his. From that one piece I became more interested in working with rare and exotic woods from around the world. Now, some 1400 pieces later, I find myself still with that same wonder and ah at how these trees God created can be cut and glued together to make wonderful vessels.

It is impossible to make two urns exactly alike because no two trees are exactly alike…this is what makes this genre so fascinating to me. I do not try to duplicate any urns…only make something "almost" like it.

I have pieces across the United States and I still feel blessed to have this talent of combining segments of different woods to create something that people feel is a fitting final resting place for their loved ones. I am humbled by the thought that my labor has created something so lasting and will be here long after I am gone.