Meet the Locals: Clinton S. Harley

Clinton S. Harley (1878—1966) was the founder and chairman of Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park Company, he also served as a politician in the House of Representatives and the State Senate. Clinton established the Tenakee Fisheries Company, one of the early Alaskan salmon canneries, during World War I. In 1919, he founded the Evergreen Cemetery Company. The Evergreen Cemetery Company acquired Washelli cemetery in 1922. Clinton was the first chairman of the Washington State Cemetery Board. He also had been president of the Washington Interment Association of Cemeteries and president and director of the Western Cemetery Alliance. In 1927, as the General Manager of Evergreen-Washelli, Clinton offered a large section of the cemetery for the burial of veterans and their spouses, thus establishing the first veterans’ cemetery in the Pacific Northwest. Clinton Harley was named the first honorary alumnus of the University of Washington. Located in Evergreen Section 2, lot 0092, grave 1.


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