Cremation Options at Our Seattle WA Area Crematory

Cremation offers a variety of choices, from a simple gathering to an elaborate, traditional ceremony. No matter what you choose, we will help create an experience that fits the needs of your family.

Evergreen Washelli offers a variety of cremation options to fit your needs, ranging from basic direct cremation (without visitation or services) to customized cremation services with visitation and a funeral or memorial service.

The following is an overview of the different types of cremation services that we provide. Our funeral directors will discuss the many other options and details that make each of our cremation services a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Our 12-Point Cremation Process

At Washelli we understand that the trust you have placed in us to carry out the final wishes of your loved on is sacred. Our twelve-point assurance process and open door policy guarantees your loved one never leaves our care and that the cremated remains of your loved one will be returned safely to you.

Here’s how it works.

  • Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care. Many other funeral homes hire third-party companies to transport, hold, handle and conduct the cremation. These providers rarely ever see or take possession of your loved one prior to the cremation. This makes it virtually impossible for the funeral home to manage and supervise the cremation. Once your loved one is in our care, they never leave our care.
  • Ensuring Personal Identity. An identification band with your loved ones name is placed on them at the time they are escorted by our staff into our care.
  • Coordinated Tracking System. At our facility, your loved one is assigned a personal identification number (PIN) that is stamped into a metal tag and logged into our computer tracking system. This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process. Our tracking system includes all elements from the time your loved on reaches our facility to the moment we place them back into your care.
  • Open Door Policy. We have made our facilities as accommodating and accessible to families as possible. You are always welcome to inspect, attend or witness the cremation process.
  • Family Identification. Our staff will prepare your loved one in the clothes provided by the family or a gown we provide. It is important you or a representative by able to positively identify your loved one prior to cremation. If families choose not to participate then we would request the family provide current photo identification to our staff to complete this critical step.
  • Certification of Paperwork. All cremation paperwork is reviewed to ensure authorizations, permits, schedule of cremation has been properly documented.
  • Cremation Control Log. We maintain a control log containing the cremation information for your loved one, such as his/her name, dates and times, containers used and cremation technicians involved. This control log is maintained as a record to the 12-point process.
  • Final Farewells. A unique aspect to our cremation process is having the option to treat the cremation in the same manner as a graveside service when families are saying their farewells. If chosen, the family will have the option to be present at the time of cremation in order to have a brief moment before the cremation.
  • Procedure During Cremation. The PIN tag that is assigned to your loved one remains with them at all times, even during the cremation process. The identification card and paperwork are attached to the outside of the cremation unit during the cremation.
  • Procedures Following Cremation. Following the cremation the PIN tag is removed from the crematory. The number is verified, the cremated remains are placed, along with the PIN tag into the urn selected by the family. The identification card is placed inside the urn with the cremated remains along with a second card placed in our permanent records.
  • Peace of Mind. If you preplanned a basic cremation service with us and death were to occur outside our service area (but still inside the continental U.S.) we will coordinate with another cremation provider to honor your plan at no additional cost- providing you added peace of mind.
  • Gatherings and Celebrations of Life. A time to reflect or pay tribute to a life lived is meaningful or many family members and friends. Our event professionals and certified celebrants will assist you in creating that personalized celebration, whether before or after the cremation.

“We care about what we do, and how

we do it, so much that our 12 points

of assurance is a guarantee to every

family we serve.”

—Brian Braathen, Manager, Funeral Director


Traditional Cremation Service

Traditional Cremation Service is available for different types of services, from traditional religious ceremonies to contemporary gatherings. A traditional cremation service may include a viewing or visitation, a formal service (at the funeral home, local church or other venue) and any necessary automotive equipment. Memorial register books, memorial folders and acknowledgement cards may be purchased, and floral tributes are often displayed. We encourage our families to bring photographs and other memorabilia to further personalize the service.

Graveside Service

A graveside service or gathering is held at the burial site or columbarium where the cremated remains are interred. This can be arranged separately or in conjunction with a memorial service.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service may be planned at the funeral home or at a location of your choice. Memorial registry books, service folders, flag cases and personal memorabilia can be used to further personalize the memorial.

We can accommodate most all cremation requests, so if you're looking for a cremation service or option not listed here, please call your cemetery representative.

Evergreen Washelli Cremation Plans

Click here to download a PDF version of our Cremation Plans.

Click here to download a PDF version of our Green Cremation Plans.