Seattle WA Cemetery & Burial Services: Cemetery FAQs

Here are some questions and answers about the cemetery. If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to email us at and we'll do our best to assist you. You may also find the following links helpful:

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the cemetery established and how many acres does it cover?
Evergreen Washelli Cemetery opened in 1885 and covers 144 acres—the largest cemetery in Seattle. Abbey View Memorial Park was founded by the Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park in 1953 and covers 85 acres.
How do I find out if someone has been buried or cremated and where their grave is?
Telephone our office, or send email to
How many people are interred at the cemetery?
Evergreen Washelli Cemetery, home to approximately 200,000 individuals, this includes the 5,000 individuals in our Veterans Memorial Cemetery.
When was the Veterans Memorial Cemetery established?
The Veterans Memorial Cemetery was started in 1927, open to all U.S. veterans. Today 5,000 white marble markers make this section of the cemetery reminiscent of Arlington Cemetery. Buried here are several Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.
What is Endowment Care?
This is the amount we are required by Washington State Law to charge on every purchase of cemetery property (and some merchandise), in order to provide for the present and future care and maintenance of the cemetery. To learn more about endowment care click here:
Why should I make arrangements ahead of time (pre-plan)?
Most deaths are unexpected. Making the right decisions now allows you to take full control financially and protect those you love from making difficult emotional and expensive choices later. Knowing all the options and securing arrangements at the cemetery first will make a significant difference for you and your family. To pre-plan now, go to our Pre-Plan Now page.
I don't want to be cremated and I am concerned about the rising costs and affordability of traditional burial. What can I do?
Whether you have the need or desire to plan in advance, before going to your funeral home, make an appointment with one of our staff members and learn about the options, great savings and payment plans that Evergreen Washelli Cemetery offers. We will tell you all the facts about cremation and traditional burial to help you make an informed decision.
Does Evergreen Washelli Cemetery allow customized monuments and should I order one before a death occurs?
A unique, personalized custom monument may be ordered either in advance or at the time a death occurs. Either way, we make certain that you have the information and assistance you need in order to create a lasting tribute to you or a loved one.
We offer private mausoleums, monuments of all shapes and sizes, benches and granite statuary to complement the existing customized tributes. Call us to learn about all the options available to you, so that you can make an informed decision free of pressure or obligation.
What is a columbarium?
It is defined as a collection of recessed above ground compartments. A family purchases one of these compartments (called a niche). The niche provides space to inurn one or more cremated remains. You may find columbarium's located in either an indoor or outdoor setting. The Washelli columbarium is regarded as one of the Northwest's finest.
What is a mausoleum?
A mausoleum is a free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or persons. Mausoleum entombment has existed for as long as we have recorded history. It was a preferred and desired option for the wealthy and powerful.
What is a crypt?
It is an individual or family-sized unit within a Mausoleum building designed for the placement of casketed human remains; however cremated remains may also be placed in crypts if desired.