Evergreen Washelli Cemetery & Burial Service Serving the Seattle WA Area

A cemetery is a historic place and a walk through Evergreen Washelli's buildings and grounds gives a sense of heritage. The stately poplars have been a Seattle landmark for decades. The name “Washelli” was suggested by Mary Leary, the wife of Seattle’s mayor John Leary. Mary wrote to her friend James Gilchrist Swan, requesting an Indian word appropriate for naming a cemetery. On November 30, 1884, Swan suggested “Washelli,” the Makah word for west wind, a quote from Hiawatha; the west was believed to be the region of the hereafter, thereby making the name Washelli Cemetery mean “The Cemetery of the Land of the Hereafter.”

Evergreen Washelli is divided into large sections. Each section has rules that govern the type of memorial that can be placed on the burial property. Lot location is determined by the type of headstone desired. You will see some very personal and unique memorials at Evergreen Washelli, but they fall into two major categories:

Evergreen Washelli offers a variety of burial, entombment and cremation options. We cater to those with traditional needs as well as those with non-traditional needs. Please let us know what you're looking for, as we are able to accommodate most all cremation requests. Evergreen Washelli offers many options, some of which include:

Options for placement and memorialization of cremated remains at Evergreen Washelli include the following:

For other creative options, contact your cemetery representative.